PADI Master Seal Team

The PADI Master Seal Team Program is the next step after PADI Seal Team. This gives PADI Seals the opportunity to learn about different types of diving and aquatic issues. This is all based on the equivalent "Adventures in Diving Program" that the adults complete. It is a structured program that lets children develop really cool underwater skills, learn about the aquatic realm and have lots of fun.

Who can take part?
To participate in the Master Seal Team program participants must have completed the PADI Seal Team Program.

What does the course involve?
Children work toward PADI Master Seal Team recognition by completing the ten speciality aqua missions. Each speciality aqua mission focuses on a particular area of diving or the aquatic environment. The aqua missions are designed to be educational and at the same time fun. All sessions include games and activities to keep your child interested and motivated whilst they are learning.

• Creature ID Specialist – introduces characteristics of common aquatic creatures with a focus on identifying local aquatic life. Your child will learn a bit about the creatures that can be found in our South African waters.
• Inner Space Specialist - experience weightlessness similar to that felt by astronauts in space. We build a space station in the pool and practice buoyancy skills.
• Environmental Specialist – you will learn about the threats of pollution to the aquatic environment and look at how scientists collect information to find out where pollution comes from
• Navigation Specialist – to develop basic underwater navigation skills and to introduce simple concepts behind navigation and compasses.
• Safety Specialist – to learn how to prevent many diver problems and to help your dive buddies when needed.
• Search and Recovery Specialist – to introduce basic skills for locating and retrieving lost items. You will learn how to search underwater and use a lift bag to raise a "lost" item
• Snapshot Specialist – To capture underwater images using underwater cameras.
• Wreck Specialist – to develop fundamental skill for diving on wrecks and to introduce the concepts of wrecks as artificial reefs that require caution and protection. We map a wreck in the pool.

Once your child has completed all ten speciality aqua missions they can apply for the Master Seal Team Member Rating. As a Master Seal Team member they will be able to keep up their scuba skills by coming along to pool sessions to meet up with their friends and refresh their diving skills until they are ready to move on to the PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course.

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