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Dive Rally 2016 

Dates 17 – 18 September

It is time for the annual Dive Rally.
This year our hosts will be Komati Springs!
Being the 4th rally you will know this event is always a huge, rip-roaring success and well attended by many dive schools, clubs and individuals.

The biggest success about this rally was that we were all participating as a united body under the auspices of scuba diving and the lifestyle it presents! Our t-shirts looked great and we were a force of fun.

As a reminder the rally is an idea created by a number of dive schools and came out of a general discussion where they recognised the need to grow the diving industry in the adventure market and not just create another show were we all compete against each other. Looking at any of the competitive industries e.g. cycling they all have major events and rallies where their clubs get together in a neutral, non-threatening environment to celebrate the love of the sport and introduce it to their friends and family.

The aim of the rally is to "rally" the entire diving industry (including suppliers) from the bottom up, to get together in force, and create a fun event for the entire industry.

Based on the motorbike rally we are planning to stage a big event with live entertainment, food vendors, exhibitors and multiple activities to participate in underwater and above! There will also be lots of prizes up for grabs through various events and competitions throughout the day. Each year we have designed a specific shirt which only the participants receive. These shirts have now become collectors’ items.

The big picture is that we are all; dive centres, independent instructors, clubs, schools and casual divers standing together as a force wearing the same t-shirts doing representing the scuba diving industry as a whole. Advertising our passion to everyone we know making sure they want to become a scuba diver. So please invite all your non-diver friends.

Ticket Price R450 which includes
o Two Nights Camping
o T-Shirt
o Bangle
o Exhibits
o Bands


How to buy your ticket
1. Through Urban Dive

The aim of the Rally is to show Divers united, does not matter what certifying agency (CMAS/NAUI/PADI/SSI etc.) or Dive School you are affiliated to – this day is about the LOVE and PASSION of diving.
Because of this you have to be wearing your Rally shirt and Bangle when you enter Komati