Kids, Pirates and Mermaids in Johannesburg

What a Weekend Pool party!

We had an amazing experiencing last weekend here in Johannesburg when two of our favourite characters were able to mingle in our pools with the kids. It was truly a splash of a birthday party.

That’s right we had our pirate and Ariel together at our party and it was a blast.

Kids Pirte and Mermaid Party at Urban Dive JohannesburgThis wonderful kid’s pool party we hosted this weekend was a mixed party of boys and girls and we thought it best to give each of them something to enjoy.  So our pirate took them on a wild treasure hunt all around the venue and afterwards the boys were left to splash around.

All of this fun in the middle of Autumn, luckily we have a heated indoor swimming pool. Making sure that the pool party never stops here in Johannesburg.

After the kids had plundered the gardens with the pirate and had all their treasures from their treasures hunts. It became Ariel the mermaid’s turn to wow these kids and take them on a mermaid adventure with tales from the seven seas and far away kingdoms.


Ariel the mermaid’s turn

Mermaid Party Cake Urban Dive Kids Pool Pary

She gave the birthday girl her tail and Crown taught her to swim like a real mermaid! Afterwards, all the other girls were given the opportunity to learn to swim like Ariel.

After all this Adventure they had a bit of cake and got to play on our jungle gym, soccer, basketball field and our heated pool.

Needless to say, they enjoyed themselves extremely. We absolutely love it when kids get to enjoy all these experiences from our scuba diving parties, to our mermaid and pirate parties, its always a joy.

We also had some comforts for the parents. They had a chance to relax while the kids were playing with the pirate and the mermaid in the pool. Our Kids party venue in Johannesburg is really equipped for any occasion.

If you’d like to book one of our Kid’s pool party Experiences. then please follow the link below, we’d love to have you!

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