Marico Oog 18th – 20th October 2019

For the Enthusiastic diver in Gauteng, there is a unique freshwater dive experience called Marico Oog, simply a must see and a tranquil relaxing weekend away!

Also known as ‘Die Oog’, Marico Oog is a short two and a half hour trip from Johannesburg, it’s situated near the town of Lichtenburg. It’s a small natural spring that is surrounded by reeds and filled with gorgeous water lilies. The water lilies anchor their roots near the shallow sections of the spring and extend their stems to the surface, where their radiant white flowers float on the surface. These stems boast a remarkable underwater forest, both striking to look at and awesome to play in. Hiding amongst the underwater vegetation is a variety of fresh water fish and crabs that are tame and allow divers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal. A few fresh water eels also lurk amidst the reeds and although sightings are exceptionally rare the mere possibility of spotting one of these elusive creatures can be had if you lucky

There are also short tunnels or overhangs to explore which are exciting and peaceful but only recommended for advanced divers. 

There is one training grid that sits at 4.5m, excellent to get you buoyancy going and on night dives to turn on your back and do some stargazing.  Night dives are a must especially for the Specialty

Our kids have a ball here, with the raft on the Oog and a huge water slide, our kids eat, drink, play and sleep like angels at night.

The facilities at Marico Oog are basic, hot water run by a donkey boiler, showers, toilets and braai facilities. 

Plenty of camping space and three chalets. 

If you are not too fussy, then a tranquil and relaxing weekend is on the cards. 

Due to the shallow dives, your air should last longer than usual. There is only MTN cell reception there and the road into the Oog is around 30km on a sand road so making sure to drive slower is advisable.

This special place called Marico Oog with its freshwater diving, relaxed and tranquil vibe not too far from home is something of a must-do!

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