Our April 2019 Sodwana Bay scuba diving trip

Our April 2019 Sodwana Bay scuba diving trip
Image courtesy of adventuremania.co.za

Scuba Trip Arrival

Back from our April 2019 Sodwana Bay scuba diving trip, we arrived just as the weather turned to Sunny days with warm waters and great visibility.

We had 11 spectacular dives.

The trip started with a huge thunderstorm on Thursday evening, we woke up to a sunny Friday morning with a beautiful sunrise and a flat sea; a Scuba Divers Dream conditions.  We weren’t sure about what the weather was like under the water but “surprise”, a slight surge and a BONUS of 20 meters visibility awaited us, Wow what an awesome day. It just got better from there on out.

The Sodwana residents

Sodwana Bay did not disappoint as all the Reef residents all came out to say “Hello”, from the Floral Moray, Eagle Ray, White Tip Reef Shark to the abundance of “snot noses”.  Nudibranchs, Turtles, Paper, Pipe and  Ghost Fish were all amongst the mix, a few characters that managed to elude our 40 + eyes were the Pineapple Fish, though we had lots of pineapples to eat on land thanks to Vladimir and his family, thanks for the treat guys!

The afternoons were filled with a much-deserved chill out sessions with the noise and happiness of the junior Scuba Divers running the beaches flat.  The evenings were filled with good food and great company with plenty of laughter.

With Sodwana Bays quirkiness and charm this is a place the whole family can enjoy.  It rates one of the Top 10 dive destination in the world. Sodwana Bay is a must to dive!

(Image courtesy: Epic Wildlife, YouTube)

Sodwana boasts with 1,200 species of fish as well as a variety of underwater seascapes and marine flora and fauna. Home to the Coelacanth which was discovered in the deep Jesser Canyon in Sodwana Bay in 2000.

Pods of bottlenose dolphins patrol up and down the coast all year round. From June to November we are blessed with the visit from these majestic animals, the Southern right and humpback whales.

They visit Sodwana for their breeding season all the way from Antarctica and then returns South with their gorgeous calves

The Scuba Team

Our Accommodation hosts, Reefteach, is driven by two passions. The first is a love for the natural environment and more specifically the marine environment. The second is a drive for personalised customer service. When combining these two passions our mission is the following: “To increase the understanding of the marine environment for each of our customers in a personalised relationship.”

Team Reefteach have completed thousands of dives and have an intimate knowledge of the Sodwana Bay reefs.

We would definitely Recommend coming with us on our next diving trip. But if you don’t want to wait and you would like to come with to one of our other trips go check them here: https://urbandive.co.za/diving-trips/

Leave your email below and we’ll let you know when we’re going again! 

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