Services on Offer

Scuba Diving Services and Sales
  • Full compliment of diving courses (Open water all the way to technical courses).
  • Gear Sales (Mask, fins, wetsuits, drysuits, snorkels, cylinders, regulators, BCDs, torches, cameras, dive computers, reels, SMBs and DSMBs, clips, backplates, custom backplats, wings, slates, accessories)
  • Gear Servicing (All makes and types of gear, from regulators to BCDs).
  • Cylinder Testing (Hydrostatic and visual testing as well as oxygen cleaning).
  • Air/Gas Fills (Normal air, deco mixes, trimix etc.)
Swimming Services and Sales
  • Full compliment of swimming lessons (Beginner – advanced, stroke correction, children – adults).
  • Gear Sales (Goggles, swimming caps, flippers, accessories).