Dive Cancun Mexico
28 June – 09 July 2024

Dive Cancun Mexico

28 June – 09 July 2024

Combine the spectacular Cenotes, fresh water, crystal clear caverns with the tropical reefs of Cozumel


Cenotes are natural swimming holes or swimming caves that have formed as a result of porous limestone rock that has eroded away exposing an underground water system. 

They are sheltered by the jungle, accessible by road and the rain that gets filtered through the limestone results in crystal clear water with very little suspended matter.


Average Temp: 24degrees celsius
Average Depth: 8-15m
Crystal Clear, Fresh Water
Attraction: Spectacular Stalactite and Stalagmite formations 

DO YOU NEED SPECIAL TRAINING?                                

To maximise your enjoyment from the diving offered in Cancun Mexico, we recommend a minimum of the Advanced Open Water Certification (or equivalent) and the Cavern Specialty Course.  Good buoyancy skills are essential for the Cenote dives! The divers are in groups of 4, guided by a trained cave instructor and you never go further than 60m into the overhead environment or explore beyond the range of visible light.


Divers need to be specially trained in Cave Diving which is exploring beyond the range of visible lights and passing into smaller spaces/passages.

EQUIPMENT CONSIDERATIONS                               

Normal diving equipment is suitable for Cenote Diving.  Sidemount diving is becoming very popular and quite useful in overhead environments – special training is needed for sidemount diving.

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Great place for adults and children to learn to swim from scratch. Impressed, thank you.

Gabriel Peterson

Excellent dive shop and amazing swim school to learn how to swim. Can highly recommend it.

Chris Booyse

WOW what a top 5 Star diving school this one is… Absolutely the best training team. Dave & Amber are so dedicated, patient, caring and always making sure you are happy, comfortable and safe. I really can’t rave enough about them, they made the course fun, interesting & there was always laughter. I highly recommend them for any Diving level requirements, whether you are starting up or are looking for a refresher or any advanced courses, they are definitely the people to go to.

Gisela Franca

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